– Teri M.

Overall: I’m very new to this program but so far, I have already seen how it is going to help me with time management and with the statistics of my business.
Pros: Ability to create your own templates and then have your necessary forms, letters and documents at the click of a button. You always know the number of active clients you have at a glance. Customization of your company logo and documents. Import capabilities with OHO and spreadsheets you’ve created. Ability to export reports of many types. Ability to link with DropBox and Google Drive. Customer service-I have never had such great customer service. I’m the ‘wanna be techie-but mess it up’ person.The rep has been responsive to all my questions and has assisted me directly many times and at odd hours. He makes sure you understand what any issues are and how to be able to use all options independently. And last, but not least, the price was a clincher.
Cons: Learning how to navigate and use all the features is time consuming–but is that really a con? That’s true with any new program you choose.

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