Whether you have a large team or are a solo, being able to organize your case information is vital to staying in control of your workload. Dibcase includes dozens of reports to help you get started. Cloning and customizing reports is easy and will allow you to create reports for any workload. Example reports include: fees outstanding, cases pending at different case levels for definable periods of time, contact and client information, demographics, referral sources, and more. Dibcase also tracks when you last opened each report and you can easily export your reports into excel for even more detailed analysis. 
Report Builder

Employee Productivity Tracking

With many firms working remotely, tracking productivity is key to keeping your firm profitable. Admin users can easily export activity reports that show:

  • Records accessed
  • Clients created
  • Documents generated
  • Lead stage changes
  • Notes added to individual clients
  • Tasks created
  • Appointments added
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