Dibcase is Your Complete Case Management Solution, From Intake to Invoice

Document Generation

Effortless Document Handling

  • Template Editor: Create letters, import Word files, or import PDFs with ease.

  • Standard Merge Forms: Access SSA & VA forms or import your own as needed.

  • Dynamic Fields: Merge data from clients, matters, contacts, and custom fields directly into your documents.

  • Personalization: Customize documents with your header and signature effortlessly.

  • Template Library: Utilize our robust template editor to craft your documents or start with our pre-designed templates.

  • Document Management: Easily search and organize your documents using tags, categories, modules, and more including favorites.

  • Seamless Import:  Import your Word & PDF documents for a seamless experience.

Efficient and Secure File Management with Dibcase

  • Integrate with Dropbox and GDrive: Easily access your Dropbox or Google Drive files directly from Dibcase.
  • Secure File Exchange: Ensure the confidentiality of your files and messages through our secure portal.
  • Request Files from Clients: Seamlessly request important documents from clients and share case updates via our portal.
  • Client Uploads Made Easy: Clients can conveniently upload documents, notices, and records directly into their portal.
  • Top-Notch Security: Benefit from robust 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption to safeguard your data.
  • Instant Notifications: Stay informed with email and alert notifications whenever clients upload documents.

Report Builder

  • Use our reports or create your own for any practice area
  • Get counts of cases that match your custom criteria
  • Medical records reports
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Examples included reports : Initial claims pending over 180 days, cases with outstanding fees, leads older than 30 days, and much more
  • Reports cover any practice area and are completely user editable

Import Your OHO and A/C Spreadsheets (SSA)

You can update your cases by simply downloading your spreadsheets from the SSA ERE website.  This will save you time and avoid any potential conflicts using 3rd party vendors.

Lead Stages

Processing leads efficiently and effectively is critical to running your business. With Dibcase you can:

  • Customize lead stages
  • Rearrange and re-order stages
  • Move matters via kanban style cards
  • Convert leads to active clients with a single click
  • Use with our pipelines feature to send automated SMS messages

Integrated Communications

Built-in Text Messaging

  • Send and receive text message from the client’s page and get notifications when incoming messages are received
  • Manage messages with our integrated email manager
  • Automated time entries added when messages are sent and received
  • Merge client and claims data with email and SMS templates
"I made the switch to dibcase a few months ago. It is a great program. Lot of integration with forms-and dropbox. The setup is great. Powerful program. Customer service has been superb! So far-I do not for-see switching again."
Teri M.
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