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Dibcase 101: Custom Fee Agreements

November 14, 2020 - Adding custom PDF forms into Dibcase using an SSA fee agreement as an example. Highlights merge fields and advanced document edting.

Dibcase 101: Lead Stages

October 17, 2020 - A walk-through of the leads intake process. Demonstrates a lead intake, creating custom lead stages, moving leads through the process and conversion to an active client.

Dibcase 101: Reports

October 17, 2020 - A walk-through of exclusive reporting feature. Demonstrates creating, editing, duplicating, assigning, and export custom reports based on client, claims, and contact data.

Getting Started & Dibcase Settings

Dibcase 101: From Intake to Fully Favorable*

July 1, 2019 - A step by step walk-through of a sample claim. Demonstrates the claims process, tools, and automations used to manage the process. Demonstrates intakes screen, claims, automations, custom field groups, document generation, the records process, fee collection, and more. Running time 54 min.
*Note: We've added many new features since this video was created. Please refer to our newest videos for up to date features.

Dibcase 101: The Dashboard

June 22, 2019 - An introduction to the dashboard panel with Today's Appointments, Employees Panel, Tasks, Recent Activities, and Quick Create buttons. Demonstrates how to use the Automated Denial workflow and more.

Dibcase 101: ODAR & AC Importing

June 30, 2019 - Demonstrates how to import ODAR & AC spreadsheets and how to clear edits for a successful import.

Dibcase 101: New Client Intakes

This video covers the basics of doing an intake in Dibcase.

Getting Started & Dibcase Settings

Configuring firm settings, color schemes, configuring representation package, attaching documents to clients and claims, previewing and printing documents, editing multiple documents

Importing Clients

This video covers importing clients using excel.

Document Merge Templates with Word

This video covers creating merge documents and pasting from MS Word. Demonstrates adding client, claims, and contact fields to a document and merging and printing the document as well as attaching to the client once merged.

Word Merge Reports Demo

This video demonstrates exporting your claims data and merging it into custom reports in MS Word

PC Printing with Adobe Acrobat DC

This video covers merging and printing PDF documents in Dibcase. Most simple letters and basic forms can be printed directly to your printer, but sometimes multi-page complex forms should be rendered in PDF to ensure the document is formatted the way you'd like.

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