Dibcase Enterprise Edition

Are you ready to scale your representation business regionally or even nationally?
Then you need Dibcase Enterprise Edition

All the features of Dibcase for larger firms (15+ users) for

  • $75 per user
  • Secure managed AWS EC2 server
  • Employee presence, status, activity, and time tracking
  • Full automation and custom pipeline functionality
  • Custom admin interface for creating/managing branches, units, and contractors

With Dibcase Enterprise you can…
Create branch offices, unlimited work units, contractors

How it works:
The primary firm or components add clients and the primary firm grants access/shares clients with components such as branch offices, units, and contractors as necessary.

Each component can only see clients they’ve been granted access to…
Employees can be assigned/reassigned to different branches/units as needed

Each unit works with a small subset of clients while primary firm sees all clients

Enterprise functionality at competitive prices…


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