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Welcome to Dibcase, a small software company committed to enhancing the efficiency of Social Security disability firms through specialized case management solutions. Our focus lies in providing tailored software with the flexibility to incorporate custom functionalities, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your firm’s unique requirements.

Our team, enriched with experience in SSA and military cybersecurity, understands the intricacies faced by disability-focused organizations. We bring this expertise to the forefront, offering you a reliable solution for managing and growing your disability firm.

At Dibcase, we distinguish ourselves by delivering competitive pricing and enterprise-level benefits without compromising quality. Notably, all our servers are based in the United States, prioritizing security and reliability.

Connect with us today to explore how Dibcase can contribute to the streamlined success of your Social Security disability firm.

James E. Allen, CEO


James E. Allen, founder

Joseph M. Allen, cofounder

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